Reflection on Go back to where you came from

After watching the series, “Go back to where you came from”, and participating in the MUN, what do you believe would be the best solution for Australia’s refugee crisis? What are your feelings about refugees prior to watching the series? Did your feelings change after watching the series? Provide examples. What did you think about the participates? Did your feeling change or remain the same after the MUN experience in class? (I still felt sad because by viewing the series, it is evidently shown of what the refugees had to suffer and by looking some countries not accepting that much refugees into their country is such as a disgrace. (expand on it). Provide examples. Examples would be that Russia said that they will only accept 5000 refugees within a span of 2 years and to me, this is a minimal amount due to Russia being one of the biggest population country and them only taking 5000 refugees is very low. Lastly, what was your feelings on the MUN in class? Provide specific examples of what you liked and what you did not like about the experience.