ZTE case Strategic Management

Instruction individual assignment ZTE case Strategic Management

Contents: your assignment has to be a story in which the presentation of data and facts is followed by a clear analysis and explanation what is going on. Use models where they are appropriate and relevant before you answer any questions. Your analysis has to result in key findings and conclusions, both per discipline as well as overall. Show the reader of your assignment how and what you think in a story and (please) do not present bullet points!
Answer the following questions in your paper (and make it clear which part of your paper is an answer to every question).

Describe chronologically how ZTE’s strategy has evolved since the start of the company until now. According to you, assess critically what ZTE is doing well and what should be improved? Critically argue which parts of their strategy made ZTE so successful and which parts are not successful (yet)? (maximum 25 marks)
Present a well-argued description of the strategy ZTE should pursue during the coming years to increase its strategic success. Assess ZTE’s organisation, market, current and potential future strategies through a structured approach, that entails all the relevant models and concepts: the objective/ target of ZTE, the company’s vision and mission, the internal organization’s strengths and weaknesses according to the value chain and the Osterwalder model, the external market’s opportunities and threats according to the PEST and 5-forces models, the company’s possible core problem, the confrontation matrix, an assessment of the company’s current and 3 potential future strategies as well as your selection of the possibly best strategy as well as a plan B, the contingency plan. (maximum 50 marks)
Following the selection of ZTE’s best strategic option, discuss the implementation issues regarding ZTE’s 4 key disciplines finance, marketing/sales, hrm and production as well as the links between these 4 key disciplines as well as the links between these disciplines and the overall strategy of ZTE. (maximum 25 marks)