the futures of women’s work, unions, and feminism.

This is a reflective essay that does not require that you do any new reading. Instead, it invites you to recapitulate what you knew about women and unions before you started the course and to compare that with what you know now. Along with this, it invites you to see whether the expectations that you had for this course were met and whether you would have different expectations if you started over again in a course on women and unions.
Based on these reflections, write about the future that you would like to see in women’s work: How much of it do you think should be paid? What should be the conditions of paid work? How much of work should be unpaid? Should all unpaid work be done in private households, or should it also be done in collectively organized forms, such as co-ops?
Since wishes do not automatically come true, in the second part of the essay, write about your thoughts about organizing and mobilizing the movements that would be needed to build the world that you would like to live in. What role do unions play in this change, and what kind of unions should they be? What kind of feminism do you envision and what would its relation to unions be?
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