How a sub-point relates to the major heading


After selecting a criminal justice topic for the Final Research Paper and submitting your Thesis Statement on the topic you chose, you will compose an Annotated Outline of your Final Research Paper. Your Annotated Outline must fully support each facet of your Thesis Statement. The Annotated Outline must provide a detailed blueprint of the Final Research Paper in current APA format and contain the following:

A Cover Page
The Thesis Statement;
Minimum Three Main Headings with Subheadings; and
A Reference Page.
The complete thesis statement must also be provided. The three main headings and subheadings must provide an argument rather than ask a question. The three main headings must be supported with at least 2 subpoints each. Each subpoint must be concise and be 3–5 sentences and accompanied by a current APA citation of an academic/scholarly journal article resource for each subpoint. One of the three main headings and its subsequent subpoints must incorporate a biblical worldview. The Annotated Outline must include a reference page with 5 academic resources published within the last 5 years and composed using current APA formatting. Before submitting the Annotated Outline, review the Research Project –Annotated Outline Grading Rubric to verify that all components of the assignment have been completed.


The thesis statement is included. The thesis statement takes a position on a narrowly focused criminal justice topic, identifies your point of view, and clearly identifies major points of support for that position. The outline fully supports each facet of the thesis statement.
At least 3 major headings and subheadings are included. The major headings provide an argument, rather than ask a question. When read together, all the major headings reveal the author’s main argument
There are at least 2 subpoints included under each major heading. Each subpoint includes at least 3-5 complete sentences to describe how the subpoint relates to the major heading. Each subpoint also includes a current APA citation of an academic sour
A reference page is included with the annotated outline. The reference page includes at least 5 scholarly academic resources that were published within the last five years.
Spelling and grammar are correct. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise formal academic language is used.
Include a cover page and the proper APA format is used throughout the outline and reference page.