ICT Professional Practice & Ethics

Task 3

Westfield’s Australian ‘searchable mall’ featuring 100,000 products online
• The Westfield Group harnessed the bang with the realization that their hugely successful
model of building large, quality, long-lasting shopping malls across the world, was being
challenged by a profound change in shopper behavior – driven by technology enabled
connectivity. It became apparent that this could be a disruption with a big bang, or a
transformative opportunity to connect the digital shopper with shopping centers that
improved the shopping experience.
• By 2012 Westfield Labs was set up to leverage the retail ecosystem with innovative social,
mobile and digital market opportunities that converge the digital shopper with the
physical world.
• Westfield’s learnings include getting curious around technology, seeing scenarios in the
shoppers’ journeys, and supporting them with a broad range of new digitally enabled
innovations. Now digital storefronts, digital in-center signage, click and collect hubs, Wi-Fi
networks, frictionless car parking payment services, mobile food service apps and the
searchable mall web platform all integrate retailers and help shoppers find what they want
in their local Westfield shopping center.
There is limited information available to you now, hence you are required to further explore the case.
Assignment Requirements and Deliverables
You are required to write a report (3000 words) that researched the above case study and should
include the following detailsin the main body of the report. Please note standard report structure
including an executive summary, introduction and conclusions in addition to the main body must
be adhered to.
• Frameworks for analysis, i.e., ethical and IT governance
o Decide on and use appropriate frameworks for analysis
• Assessment of the ethical consequences of moving to a digital firm on diversity and
o Your assessment must consider IT governance issues and what technologies can be
used to achieve inclusion while maintaining a competitive advantage.
o Your assessment must be supported by concepts and other material from the literature
(text, readings, etc.).
• Recommendations.
o Provide recommendations on your assessment.
o You must convince management to adopt your recommendations (i.e. ‘sell’ them to
Your aim should be to write a report outlining the ethical implications of changesthat have
occurred in the business due to digital innovation and to identify how competitive advantage can
be maintained.