Principles of business strategic planning and development

1 Analyse the relationship between ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’.
2 Analyse the benefits of strategic planning to an organisation.
3 Discuss strategic planning as a tool for formulating and implementing business strategy.
4 Evaluate the role of stakeholders in developing organisational strategy.
Understand the different frameworks and models used in a strategy audit.
1 Analyse the different techniques used to conduct a strategic analysis of the business environment.
2 Explain how a SWOT analysis is generated from a strategy audit.
3 Interpret SWOT and PEST analyses in particular contexts.
4 Evaluate the use of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis in strategic analysis.
Understand the use of different models in strategy formulation.
1 Assess how product portfolio analysis supports the formulation of a product strategy.
2 Analyse different growth strategies in strategy formulation.
3 Apply strategies for the growth of an organisation in differing contexts.