Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Objectives

Strategic objectives, also called strategic priorities or grand strategies, are high-level organizational goals that are typically accomplished over a period of three to five years. Health care organizations often have four to five strategic objectives at any given time. To accomplish these strategic objectives, organizations develop measurable operational (department level) and tactical (units or individual level) objectives. For this Discussion, you examine the strategic objectives of your health care organization and consider how to accomplish them through operational and tactical objectives.

To prepare:

Review the implementation phase of the strategic planning process
Locate and review your health care organization’s strategic objectives.
Note: If you do not currently work for a health care organization, select one that is of interest to you.

Consider how you might help the organization accomplish these objectives through operational and tactical objectives.

Analyze the strategic objectives of your selected health care organization. Formulate operational and tactical objectives to help the organization achieve its strategic objectives. Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.