Totalitarianism, Total War, and the Great Depression

CONTEXT( 1 paragraph):Define total war, totalitarianism, and the Great Depression. How did these devastating world events impact the arts?

(TEXT = 3 paragraphs) After reviewing all the lecture materials, describe 3 examples of the influence of total war, totalitarianism, and the Great Depression on modern art: Lange, “Migrant Mother” and War Requiem composed by Benjamin Britten and set to poems by Wilfred Owen, and an excerpt from Elie Weisel’s novel, Night. For each example, identify the medium, describe the content, and discuss in detail the form. Be sure to refer to the elements of art for each discipline: Visual Art for “Migrant Mother,” and Music and Literature for War Requiem.

(SUBTEXT = 1 paragraph)What does it all mean? What did you think or feel while engaging with “Migrant Mother,” “Night,” and War Requiem? What role did art play in response to total war, totalitarianism, and the Great Depression.

Avoid Plagiarism: You are expected to complete this assignment IN YOUR OWN WORDS using only the textbook and the assigned lecture materials. Please do not do any additional research and DO NOT CUT AND PASTE information from the internet.