Purpose: For the assignment you have to:

Select a type of violence or suffering in physical culture and conduct empirical research (media, interview or observation-based) on one main case example. Through the analysis, you will propose a series of initiatives or social practices to combat the violence problem of your choice.

What to Submit: Papers should be no more than 3,500 words in length, typed and double-spaced in a reasonable font (submitted as Word documents only). When using references (anywhere from 4-6 academic references should be used for the paper), please use APA referencing system. All papers are to be submitted to me, as hard copies, via Portal before or by 23 May 2019 with no exceptions. Late papers will not be accepted without proper documentation.

Assessment: Whilst the two options are quite different with respect to the task at hand, each will be graded using the following scheme:

Knowledge of empirical violence issues and theoretical understandings (50%)
Clarity and structure (presentation style)
Translation ability