Holding still for as long as possible by Zoe Whitall

After reading the book Holding still for as long as possible by Zoe Whittall, you are going to write an essay on following topic(up to your choice)

You can choose from following below:

Explore how characters are both typical and atypical.
What messages about humankind arise from this novel?
How does the author portray the flaws in society, or a particular social structure?
Consider how the flaws are perpetuated.
Explore the notion of freedom in the novel studied.
What are the moral conflicts in the work, and how do they develop the
main character?
How does the main character’s complex, character development contribute to the
themes or issues presented in the novel?
How reliable is the narrator? If a narrator is unreliable, how can you tell what the
truth is?
What have you learned about “reality” from the work — things you did not know
before you read it?
The full significance of title of the novel becomes apparent gradually. Show how the
significance is developed through the author’s use of devices such as contrast, repetition,
allusion, and point of view.
Often the meaning of some literary works is enhanced by sustained allusion to myths,
the Bible, or other sacred texts. Explain an allusion that predominates in the novel studied
and analyze how it enhances the work’s meaning.