Interdisciplinary Care

7 pages PAPER
Topics I am thinking you should write about IS ONE OF THESE TWO TOPICS
• Brain cancer or
• liver cirrhosis
You must follow all ELEVEN (11) listed Guide lines to the “T”
Make sure any heading is addressed with all the necessary requirement explained under the main heading.
1.Background Information
Includes ALL the guideline elements:
• Demographics
• History of present illness
• Relevant past medical and surgical history
• Admitting diagnosis(es)
• Course of current hospitalization to date
• Significant assessment findings during day(s) of care. Includes vital signs, focused assessment, and data from monitoring devices.
2.Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests
• Identifies and lists relevant and significant lab values and diagnostic tests/procedures performed.
• Comprehensively discusses the rationales for performing the tests and for any abnormal results.
• Comprehensively provides an analysis of the relationships between/among the diagnostic tests and lab results with the critically ill individual’s current condition(s)
• Identifies and lists relevant and significant medications.
• For medications listed: identifies trade name and generic name, the medication classification, the therapeutic use, major adverse effects, and nursing implications.
• Comprehensively discusses the rationale(s) as to why the medication is prescribed for treatment.
4.Nursing Diagnoses
Comprehensive and accurate description of therapeutic modalities.
Comprehensive discussion of nursing responsibilities/skills required to manage therapeutic modalities in comparison to the responsibilities of the interdisciplinary team.
Comprehensive and properly referenced description of rationales included for each respective modality.
• Identifies three (3) nursing diagnoses in order of priority: 2 actual problems and 1 risk for or potential complications for the plan of care.
• Includes 3 nursing outcomes, 3 nursing interventions, and 3 collaborative interventions for each nursing diagnosis.
5.Interventions: Routine Nursing Management
• Describes independent nursing care provided in the care of the critically‐ill individual. • The rationales are included for each intervention.
6.ID Care: Collaborative Management
• Provides a comprehensive list of the interdisciplinary team members caring for the critically‐ill individual.
• Provides a brief description of the roles and responsibilities of each respective interdisciplinary team members.
7.ID Care: Therapeutic Modalities
• Describes the various therapeutic modalities used in the management of care for the critically‐ill individual.
• Discusses the extent of the nurse’s responsibilities and skills required to manage the therapeutic modality in comparison to the responsibilities of the members of the interdisciplinary team.
• The rationales are included for each respective modality
8.Nursing Role Reflection
Summary includes:
For ALL 4 Criteria, summary provides comprehensive and insightful reflection on the nursing role within the interdisciplinary team, which addresses
• communication style and preferences
• Analysis of communication style preferences among interdisciplinary team members and with the critically‐ill individual and family members;
• system barriers and facilitators
• Analysis of the impact of own communication style on others
• practical, evidence‐based recommendations for system enhancements
• Description of system barriers and facilitators in relation to the quality of care/outcomes for the critically‐ill individual
• practical, relevant professional self‐development plan
• Discussion of recommendations to the organizational system for enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration, which are supported by at least two (2) evidence‐based literature
• Description of ideas for own professional self‐development plan to enhance own potential for becoming an effective member in an interdisciplinary team.
9.APA Format, Spelling, Grammar, and Mechanics
Contains no errors in APA formatting, spelling, grammar, and mechanics.
• Proper APA format for title page, headings, references and in‐text citations.
• No errors in spelling, grammar, and mechanics
• Make sure to have 5
• The references must be within 5 years (between 2014 to present date)

11.Number of pages
• The number of pages I am paying for is 7 pages
• Therefore, the PAPER should be exactly 7 pages excluding the reference page.
• It should not be (6 1/2) 6 and a half or less because I AM PAYING FOR 7 PAGES