Professional athlete mainly predominantly black sports


I want you to focus on a
career (or multiple careers) that you think fits best in your future and aligns with your goals, needs,
values, major, etc. The following questions should be answered in your reflection:
• Why did you choose this career/major?
• How/why does this career appeal to your Interests and Values?
o What are your Top Career values, and how will this career meet your needs.
• How do your values and aspirations help meet Herzberg’s Hierarchy of Career Needs
• How does it help you achieve your life long goals?
• What are the challenges you may face with this career?
• What resources have you used to gather your information?
• What Soft Skills do you currently possess that can help you in this career?
• What are your educational plans to earn a job in this field?
o How much education is needed?
• You are able to add any additional information as you see fit?
• What Professional Association(s) can you join and/or participate in to gain experience
• Are there similar job opportunities within your career area?
• How will your Generational Characteristics be used in your career?
• Add any additional information that you think has helped guide your potential career path