The Phantom Menace


Write an academic paper defending a clear thesis using rational argument.
The thesis is your choice, but it must be:

Related to film/cinema/television etc.
A clear, concise, and substantive claim
The thesis itself it should be something you can argue
“The Phantom Menace is the best film in the Star Wars franchise”
“The original Tron (1982) is actually a fantasy film, not science-fiction”
“The entire story of Inception takes place within Cobb’s dream”
Support your claim/thesis with 2-3 main reasons, separated by paragraphs. Support your reasons with
additional reasons and examples. Include an introduction and conclusion.
Sentence-to-sentence prose and overall structure will both be evaluated. Aim for clarity, directness,
academic tone, and sound reasoning.
General Submission requirements:
 Your work must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, and with all the pages
 Recommended length is 2-3 pages.