Article Review on a current economic issue

Review a recent article (not more than two months old) that addresses a current
economic issue. Such articles can be obtained from The Wall Street Journal, The Economist,
The New York Times or any such publication.Generally six to eight typed paragraphs
(two pages) will suffice.

The review consists of four main parts that are placed in continuous narrative:
A. Description of the work
A one or two paragraph description of the work’s physical structure and any information about the
author you may have discovered. For example, magazine title, number of pages, publisher,
copyright, date of publication, edition, whether it is part of a series, or any other information
deemed relevant.

B. Statements of author’s goals:
The author will state what he or she is trying to accomplish somewhere at the outset of the article.
In your own words, or paraphrasing the author, state the objectives for having written the article
(two paragraphs).

C. Your verdict:
Did the author achieve the goal(s)? Or, were some achieved but not all? Were the conclusions
valid, or can you show when he or she hedged the point? If the answer is “yes” show why and use
examples from the text to bolster your praise. If the answer is “no”, do the same thing to back your
claim (two paragraphs). Remember, you should not praise or condemn without proof.

D. Your Opinion of the whole work:
Did you like the article? Why or why not? Use examples to bolster your statements.