Reflection paper

Speak to someone you do not know, and someone you normally would not approach and talk with. You will attempt to have at least a one-hour dialogue/conversation (not an interview) with this
individual; the topic is totally up to your discretion.
Step 1: You will have set a strategy for your EW social experiment. Who do you want to
approach? Why would I normally not talk to this individual? Where and when do you want to do
Step 2: Conduct your social experiment. Attempt to have a 1-hour conversation with someone
that is different from you.
Step 3: Post-conversation reflect on the experience by taking notes to keep a fresh perspective
on the experience. Ask yourself questions like: What feelings bubbled up for me?; Did the
conversation flow?; Were there similarities that you shared with the individual?; were there
differences?; How did you feel in the end?; what emotions were stirred?; How might this
experience be valuable for me in the future? Were there challenges or failures that occurred?
How might this experiment connect with business ethics?

Connections::::: You identify and convey very well at least three explicit examples of connections made with the individual chosen for the walkYou clearly
identify at least three main points (insights) you learned from the conversation and
convey a clear sense of how you might apply it in the future- i.e.ontological leanings