Wi-Fi and Android Password Based Distribution Panel and Circuit Breaker

EE401 Project Proposal Page Properties  Type the manuscript on one side of the standard-sized A4 format (297×210) portrait orientations paper.  Use the following page setup: 3 cm margin at the top, 2.5 cm at the bottom, 2.5 margin at the right and 3.5 cm at the left sides.  Report is typed using font Times New Roman 12’’ size with JUSTIFIED style.  For the headings 14’’ Uppercase letters should be used.  One and half spacing is required throughout the paper, 1.5 spaces after every line of the title, headings, quotations, references, etc.  Each page is numbered consecutively. Type the numbers in the lower MIDDLE using normal numbers like 1, 2, 3,…….  Arrange the pages of the manuscript as follows:  Cover page is not numbered.  Table of Contents must be numbered with i, іі, ііі, iv  Text should start on a new page with INTRODUCTION section numbered as Wi-Fi and Android Password Based Distribution Panel and Circuit Breaker Nowadays electrical accidents for the line technician are increasing while repairing the electrical lines due to the lack of communication between the electrical substation and maintenance staff. This project will provide a solution to this problem to ensure the safety of the line technician. In this recommended system, the line technician’s control (ON / OFF) belongs to the line technician. This project is designed to provide the maintenance personnel or line technicians with the ON / OFF password of the power line. If there is an error in the power line, then the line technician will be able to cut the power line by entering the password and repairing the power line and will be able to activate the line by entering the password of the line on a certain line. Separate passwords will be assigned to each power line. In this project, the Android-based password system and 4 × 4 keypads will be used to manually enter the password. The entered password will be compared with the predefined password. If the entered password is correct, the corresponding power line will be set to ON or OFF. In this project, a separate password is provided for each power line. In order to minimize the cost, the circuit will be switched on and the circuit breaker will be indicated by the load (bulbs).