Policy Analysis Framework

Conduct a policy analysis related to social welfare. The policy analysis will have eight sections. You will complete your project incrementally throughout the course, in Workshops One through Eight. Each week, you will complete one section of the analysis and submit a piece of the whole so you can receive feedback from your instructor and peers and improve your work before your final submission in Workshop Eight.
As a social worker, you will be expected to demonstrate character, leadership, and scholarship in the arena of policy and its use in clinical practice.
• Character is the product of constant action, striving daily to make the right choices. Through your work of advocacy toward policy reform, you are demonstrating such qualities as responsibility, fairness, and caring, and proving by example that you value character.
• Scholarship means a commitment to learning. Applying diligence and effort toward learning about policy and advocacy as a social worker can impact your practice positively as a professional.
• Leadership at your agency means having a positive influence on your colleagues. In taking the initiative to learn about and advocate for policy reform, you can encourage others to attain the same objective, thus positively affecting your clients and your work toward social justice.
In this assignment, you will continue your policy analysis.
Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:
• Analyze issues of social, economic, and environmental justice as they relate to clinical practice. (PO 3, ILO 5)
• Evaluate social welfare and economic policies that impact the provision and delivery of clinical services. (PO 5, ILO 5)
• Demonstrate character, scholarship, and leadership in becoming a world changer through application of course content to personal life and professional social work practice.