Applied Ethics- Healthcare

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There are multiple accounts of determinism available. There is religious determinism (i.e., fatalism) which claims that since God is omniscient, then God knows every choice that you will ever make in one’s life, so our lives are fated, as it were. There is physical determinism, which claims that if we knew the location of every subatomic particle in the universe, the direction in which it was traveling, and the velocity at which it was doing so, then we could predict all future events. There is also biological determinism, which claims that one’s genetic makeup is determined at conception and that humans are hardwired to make the choices that we do during our lives.
Imagine that determinism is true. Imagine further that a man decided one day to purchase rat poison from his local hardware store and then proceeded to poison his family members, which resulted in the death of his wife and three children. In this instance, could the man be considered morally responsible for his actions given that they were determined? Use appropriate textual evidence to support your view.