Contemporary Nationalist Struggle – Chechnya and Russian Conflict

How did Chechnya’s declaration of independence from Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union provoke an almost two-decade long conflict with Russia in their fight for self-determination?

Definitions (3 questions):

Who were the major players in the Chechen-Russian conflict?
o Akhmad Kadyrov (religiously driven resentment towards Russians) (Separate page/source for this please)
o Aslan Maskhadov (Separate page/source for this please)

(For writer, use following text to guide your research onto Aslan Maskhadov):
o Ex rebel leader, third president of the unrecognised Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
o 1996 – After first president of Chechnya is killed in Russian missile attack, Maskhadov signed a ceasefire with Moscow, and Russian troops begin to withdraw
 (Effects: 1997 – Russia recognises Maskhadov’s government and Putin and Maskhadov sign Moscow Peace Treaty. However, issue of Chechnya independence is still unresolved)
o 1998 – He imposed a state of emergency amid continued unrest.
o 1999 – Declared that Sharia Law will be phased in over three years. (After which Chechen Separatist terrorist attacks in Moscow, leading to Russian troops returning to Chechnya)

What is the Sharia Law?
What was the Moscow (Russian-Chechen) Peace Treaty?

Backgrounds (3 questions):

How did the ethnic clashes between the Russians and the Chechens impact their relationship?
(For writer, please research,
And site sources (not from Wikipedia) from jstor and other reputable websites)
How did the difference between religions (Islam – Chechen (Sharia Law), Orthodox Christianity – Russia) separate the two neighbouring countries?
How did the internal conflict in Chechnya and the Gronzny-Moscow tensions… (Please continue this question)