Disneyland is emblematic of late-modern policing


1200 words essay, 10% leeway applies to word limits (In-text references and the bibliography are not counted in the word limit.). The topic is Disneyland is emblematic of late-modern policing. There are 3 required readings for the essay and I have listed them in the document. I have derived some important quotes directly from the readings and lecture notes and put them under different subheadings. Please connect and develop arguments based on the direct quotes (you will need to summarise and paraphrase them, and make them coherent and consistent). Also, you will need to use other relevant sources to support your arguments as the quotes are not enough (you don’t need to use all of them as most of them are duplicate and from the Shearing and Stenning’s reading, a lot of them are just examples but not actually arguments). You don’t need to necessarily follow the subheadings, I put them there just for your reference. Please structure and organize the essay the best you can to make it relevant to the question. Key concepts are the relationship between Disneyland and private policing, mass private space and the change of policing, and use Disneyland as an example to illustrate why it is emblematic of late modern policing. Here are some criteria:
Structure and organisation:
Is the introduction clear and relevant?
Is the argument logical and coherent?
Is the conclusion clear and relevant?
Is there appropriate use of conceptualisation?
Is the argument substantiated by evidence?
Is the discussion innovative?
Is there a proper bibliography?
Is the written expression adequate?
Is the word limit adhered to?
Is the referencing appropriate?