Obesity- Class activities

Review the behavior change theories/models presented in the Module 4 lecture/Chapter 4.
Choose a health issue that you might work with a future client on to address a serious condition or disease (diabetes, obesity, exercise, stress management, excessive alcohol use, etc).
Select one of the behavior change theories or models. For each stage within the behavior change theory, provide a suggestion for how you would help that client address the issue.
Again, your suggestions must align with all stages and/or constructs within that theory/model and please write out in complete sentences.
Ensure that you are using the right theory/model for the person/situation/disease. For example, if you want to help a person to eliminate methamphetamine use, then you probably wouldn’t use the Diffusion of Innovation (DoI), since this is a population theory — an intrapersonal theory would be a better option. Though, if you really were set on your choice to use DoI then you would need to make sure it is explained. How would it would work for the individual in the population setting?
Please do not add your examples into chart form like the examples in textbook.