Project Analysis

ls A summary of the project In this unit you have learned a lot from the subjunctive, which is a very useful structure. With the subjunctive you can recommend, advise, express doubt, influence and more. As you can see below, Carlos and Sofia have written a letter to their parents and they use the subjunctive a lot. In this project you will do the same.
In the letter above, Charlie and Sophie used their knowledge of the subjunctive to persuade their parents to do what they want. They also used phrases of influence to request that their parents do certain things, not to mention the polite commands to suggest that their parents enjoy their evening, but now it’s your tum. You may choose to write a letter to your parents, to a friend, to your teacher, or to anyone of your choice. The main requirement is that you use the subjunctive in a variety of ways. The letter should be at least 200 words, but of course, it does not need to be as long as Charlie and Sophie’s letter.
Dear mom and dad:
Since I know you like to write to them, I told Charlie to stop packing for a second to write this message. We are ready to go back but before we get out of here I want to make sure that Charlie has some of the memories I kept for you in his suitcase. I can hardly wait to see them and tell them so many things! At this time tomorrow we will be at home, and guess mom, you will not have to ask Charlie to eat because he misses your kitchen so much! Charlie told me not to ask you anything because he veants you to cook your favorite dish first. We are so accustomed to knowing new things, after two years away from home, but I think it is good to prepare your favorite dishes: clam chowder, a great steak, potatoes ground with garlic, green beans and for dessert apple pie as always !
I hope it rains when we arrive so we can stay at home and do nothing but talk. It is very sad to leave our friends but they told me that I do not think they will not come to visit! Now we are used to knowing new things, after two years away from home. Charlie says he would like his friends to come for a visit, but whatever it is. I did not think Charlie missed his new friends, but suddenly he has become a little quieter. Thanks to the Spanish class, I can now tell you about the adventures we have gone through so that you also knove the culture that we knew.
Carlos and I kneve we would have to study hard to survive in this program. We spent many nights and enough weekends studying to be able to do well in class. We did projects, we took exams, we did culture research, we studied other subjects in Spanish, we did everything and we left all classes with an A. Since we work so much and we are so sad to leave here we recommend that we buy new computers and cell phones for to be able to stay in touch with all our new friends.
Now that we have finished the Spanish program we realize what we have at home, especially that we have you. Thank you mom and dad for giving us this gift of studying two years in Spanish speaking countries. Now we just want to ask you one last thing. We know that you love us very much and that you want to give us everything you did not have at our age. We also love you very much and we want to help you in everything. To help them better we want to ask you something very practical. As we are sixteen years old, we have saved and leamed to drive. vee ask them to let us work part time so we can buy a car.
Well, we know we’ve given you a lot to think about. Therefore, rest and we hope that you are as excited as we are to see you again. See you tomorrow,
Kisses and hugs from your children, Carlos and Sofia
. What are we going to learn, • Apply the subjunctive to influence and give advice to other people in Spanish.
Let’s influence someone: The details 1 It’s your turn! Write a letter to the person of your choice in Spanish while focusing on the subjunctive in a variety of ways just like Charlie and Sophia. Letter should be at least 200 words long. The subjunctive must be used at least 10 times Proofread carefully. Turn it in!
Requirements • A letter of at least 200 words that use the subjunctive at least 10 times
• Everything is written in English • Correct spelling and accent marks are used • Verbs are conjugated correctly