The clotting cascade

Provide a synopsis of the clotting cascade as well as how 2 anticoagulant medications affect it.
Provide a discussion regarding 2 ways the cardiovascular system works to control blood pressure. You can include such topics as cardiac output, fluid volume regulation, and peripheral resistance. Make sure to provide a detailed explanation.
Grading Rubric:
Post must be at least 200 words.
Post must be written entirely in your own words.
Includes a synopsis of the clotting cascade (mechanism) including the intrinsic, extrinsic and common pathways.
Includes the role of clotting factors.
Includes 2 anticoagulant medications.
Includes a description of how the anticoagulant medications affect the clotting cascade.
Includes 2 mechanisms by which the body controls blood pressure.
Includes detailed descriptions about how the mechanisms work.
Includes examples of how the mechanisms raise low blood pressure and lower high blood pressure.