Develop a Trans media Marketing Through Storytelling concept/strategy that will show a campaign to take advantage of this new environment to engage and persuade.
Identify the co-creation you hope your campaign will inspire
!Identify the co-creation you hope your campaign will inspire
Identify the co-creation you hope your campaign will inspire

Become a Consultant:

Choose a company, cause, or organization (maybe that you would like to work for in the future) where the goal of this piece could develop into something that you would be proud to put into your personal portfolio. Feel free to reach out and talk to the business. Acting as if you were a marketing consultant for that entity, develop a transmedia storytelling strategy to accomplish a goal of your choosing. Have a clear concept so you could build a concise piece that would serve as a pitch to convince the entity to do business with you. Get creative and be sure to use many visuals to convey your points.

Things to remember:
What is your goal? (ie: persuasion, motivation, education, information, brand reposition, awareness, sell stuff, etc.)
Who is your audience? Describe them as thoroughly as possible.
What tools or channels would you use and why?
What impact do you expect and why?
What are your criteria for determining the success of your project?
Why is your transmedia approach better than the other mono or multi-media strategies that might be used or are currently used.