Why technology is useful


For this research paper I closed my research paper to be on “Security Vulnerability in Modern Web Services?”
I have uploaded some article from my university’s library and use them for the reference and if you find some info from internet please provide the source you used.

The following information is given by professor for the research paper.

In this research project, you will survey the current internet technologies and things related to internet computing. You may choose a favorite topic to work on.Your research paper shall include the following components.

Introduction of the technology or topic or system.
Why this technology or system is useful?
What is the impact of this technology on IT or our society?
References from the internet

As outlined on the syllabus, the final research report shall include the following:

(1) Abstract.: about 100 words to 200 words
(2) Table of content.
(3) Introduction of the topic.
(4) Literature review, such as related research papers, related systems if any, related theory if there is any.
(5) Your system, or your idea or your thoughts.
(6) Results if there is any.
(7) Conclusions and remarks.
(8) References.