Central issue or problem in news

Choose an article that discusses an incident or issue related to business ethics, corporate responsibility or corporate sustainability (CSR in short). • The articles may not directly point out that the events are related to CSR, but it is important that you think the event is closely related to CSR and it is also worth to analyze from the aspect of CSR. • Articles could come from newspapers, magazine or online media. • Choose articles discussing recent events, unless you think the news item is very “classic’ for discussion. • Avoid using articles published as editorials or press releases. • Make a softcopy on the news item and submit it together with your review (if you find multiple sources of the same news item, you can combine them into a softcopy). CONTENTS You need to write a “critical review” on the article you choose. There are NO dedicated requirements for the contents of your review; but here below are some of the hints or questions for you to think about: • Summarize the news event at the beginning. • In what context is the incident or issue related to CSR? (E.g. related to employees? environment?) • What is the central issue or problem in this news item? What is the location or setting of the issue? • Who are the parties involved in or affected by this situation? Discuss how they are involved or affected. • What is missing from this article? Is the story one-sided? Are there any parties whose interests are not covered in this article?