Importance of indigenous knowledge of First Nations people in Canada “indigenous and scientific knowledge”.


write an essay from a social science perspective about the importance of indigenous knowledge of First Nations people in Canada – questions of resource management and sustainable development. At first, students will find at least three academic sources (published peer review articles, book chapters) have paid attention to the concept of indigenous knowledge and the importance of indigenous knowledge system. You are most welcome to find articles focusing on any of the following topics: food security, biodiversity, resource management, ethno-botany, land rights, cultural heritage, cultural rights and medical practices. The second section of the essay would be relating the gained knowledge from the three sources of any particular topic in designing sustainable development/ resource management program. In this section, students are expected to bring existing common practice as a critic. And the third part of the essay would be finding a concept, theory or an idea from anthropology that students may find important to deal with your dilemmas/struggles they are facing as a scientist/researcher to build a relationship between “indigenous and scientific knowledge”.
More information on this assignment will be provided throughout the course.
The paper must be 1500 words in length, or 5 to 6 pages of text. essay must be written in Times New Roman 12 point font and double-spaced. Your paper must have title, word counts, page numbers, and follow the APA citation and referencing style. Both essays must be written in 12 point font and double-spaced.
ANTH 2430 A01 Ecology Technology and Society Summer 2019
The first page of your papers should have your name, student number, and world count in the top left corner. Below this please insert your title centred on the page and in bold font or underlined. The text of your paper should begin below this on the same page. Your paper must have page numbers and follow the instructions on citing and referencing that I have posted on UM Learn.
Each of your references must be a proper academic source. Some Websites are considered proper sources of information, but they should be used for supplementary purposes. Academic journal articles and books should be your primary sources of reference. See the ‘Evaluate Information’ document on the U of M library Website for more information on how to judge the quality of a source: _do.shtml. On that page you will also find helpful tips on how to write essays, how to avoid plagiarism, and how to find journal articles online. The course TA and I are also available to answer your questions about appropriate references.
Grading criteria for the assignment:
Essay structure and content

Paper written in proper essay style 2. Formatting instructions followed 3. Clarity of statement of topic
Clarity of thesis statement
Clearly presented supported for argument in paper
Evidence of understanding of sources used
Proper use of referencing, including use of proper academic sources 8. Paper shows evidence of creativity and originality
Writing Style:
Correct use of English: Paragraphs, sentence structure, spelling
Engaging presentation of topic
Assignments are due in the class at the beginning of class. Lateness penalties will be four per cent per day after due date, unless documentary evidence of the reasons for delayed submission is provided.