Major categories of stress

Research the four major categories of stress, then develop an action plan that targets your greatest source of stress. Your assignment will be to develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following: Slide 1 Title Slide with Name, Course, and Date Slide 2 – Introduction Topics to be covered in outline form Slides 3-5 In your own words, write down a definition of stress. List and describe four examples each for a physical type of stress, cognitive type of stress, emotional type of stress, and behavioral type of stress (see the Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms image from the Module Overview for guidance). Show one image illustrating each category of stress (i.e., one image for physical stress, one image for emotional, one image for behavioral and one for cognitive). Slide 6 Describe how stress can be positive. Give two examples and show an image to illustrate. Slides 7-8 Develop an Action Plan What is the biggest source of stress in your life right now? TRANSITIONING FROM A DIVORCE AND MOVE. Would you describe it as short- or long-term stress (or both)? Is this a positive or negative stress? Why? What (if anything) can you do to eliminate negative stress in an effective way from your life? Slide 9 – Conclusion Summarize your project findings AND REFERENCES SLP Assignment Expectations For this SLP assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint Presentation that is approximately 1-10 slides in length and addresses the requirements outlined above. Place the text containing the answers to the questions above in the slide area, summarizing each topic using bullet points (in your own words, expand in more detail using the notes area). Images to convey text will not be accepted. Be sure to include citations referencing your sources on each slide (use either the slide or notes area). Include a descriptive title for each slide that describes the topic being discussed. Be sure to include a title slide with your name, assignment type (ex. SLP Module 1 or 3), and course title. Include an introduction slide with the subjects you will cover in outline form. Include a slide summarizing your project findings (Conclusion slide).