The main concerns of the book of Malachi

Watch the following video and then answer the 6 questions

1) Does Zechariah envision a restoration of the Kingship? What is does his vision of leadership look like in the restored kingdom? What are the main concerns of the book of Malachi?

2) How do you address the ethical problems presented by Ezra as it relates to wives and children? What problems did Nehemiah encounter when he came to Jerusalem and how did he address them? What characteristics of good leadership did Nehemiah provide in the work he was called to accomplish?

3) In what ways does the portrayal of David in I Chronicles differ from that in the books of Samuel? How does the portrayal of Solomon differ from the accounts in I Kings? How should we account for these differences?

4) The book of Jonah has been a widely recognized biblical story for millennia. After reading Collins section on Jonah, share what the book of Jonah seems to be all about. Share any misconceptions you may have always had about this story and how you may see things different after studying this story a little closer.