Introducing Gender theories

a)The course has covered three social constructivist approaches towards gender:the materialist, discursive and performative approach to social constructionism. Which approach do you prefer? Give an argued opinion approx 400 words

b) At the end of the chapter 3, Alsop et al. argue that any universal theories of the workings of patriarchy and capitalism are problematic. Rather, they suggest that we trace the interwoven material and discursive elements of gender in particular contexts. Why is a universal theory problematic? And what does the suggestion of Alsop et al. entail? approx 500

c.) West and Zimmerman argue in their article “doing gender” that people are always held accountable for their gendered doings and actions. What do they mean by this,and give an example of people held accountable for doing gender approx. 400

West, C., & Zimmerman, D. H. (1987). Doing gender. Gender & society, 1(2), 125-151.

d) Is Donald Trump a good example of hegemonic masculinity? Explain why (not). 400 words

e) What is the difference between most anthropological notions of masculinities and R.W. Connell’s notion of masculinities? 500 words

f) Which central aspect of both traditional and Gramscian Marxism is also central to
Connell’s theory of masculinity? Which aspect of Gramsci’s revision of Marxist theory is central to Connell’s theory? Explain 600 words