Social Movements and Civil Society

Description of the meaning/importance of case: As a female of the East Asian, we all have been bear enough the discrimination in filed our lives, such as the workplace, normal life environment or other where. I don’t want to say something true but the East Asia is a hard place for women to live due to Confucian, a lot of East Asian people just get used of it. Especially compare to the western country, the majority of women who live in the East Asia just as same as living in the world without right. They don’t have right to make decision of their own lives and they have to devote their whole lives to their families. The worst thing is some East Asia country advocated women have to give a birth otherwise the women herself would lose the total value of being a woman, for example, some countryside of China. It is a truly ridiculous thing which happen in 20th century, every nation, country are in the process of improving feminist but only the East Asian countries still walk on a treadmill (except the middle eastern area). I truly admire and respect the action of #MeToo movement and it provoked movements of Chinese female which whom always allows ton the Confucian and have no right and platform to say anything. The surge of #MeToo were not just famous in the United States but also effected the Eastern Asia such as Korea and China. As the surge of Korean #MeToo movement, women of the republic of China also spoke up their appeal which was being harassment by some high power leader (such as a university student who was assaulted by a famous male host of the CCTV, but even she exposed this thing online, the Weibon which is the version of Chinese Twitter just delete all of that and there was no happy ending of this appeal. Therefore, in this case, I just want to talk about from the beginning of the feminist of the East Asian women and see how could them change or challenge through a conventional history.

Data collection plan: The first thing for this paper, I will just collect the data from American website and magazine, journalist. And then collect data from both Korean and Chinese Website. I have been also tring to connect to one activism of #MeToo movement of China through the Weibo. I want to do some interview with her to get more information and to see why the #MeToo movement could change any policy of Chinese government, and how hard she exposed herself on the internet

Possible theoretical framework or previous studies on such case: The new social movement, the impact of social media on social movement

Possible bibliography:

China’s #MeToo Activists Have Transformed a Generation

China’s #MeToo Activists Have Transformed a Generation