• Review the results of the Self-Assessments taken this week.
• In organizing your writing, consider:
o What the artifact you selected says about you. Did you share a video of the music or the lyrics? Did you show a photograph or a painting?
o If online environments bring in many different perspectives, what did your artifact bring to the discussion?
o As you review the artifacts that your classmates selected, do you see any theme?
o Consider your artifact in the context of the overall collection of artifacts in your class. What is the “class story” as revealed in the artifacts? What type of virtual reality could be constructed if you viewed the artifacts as a deliberate collection?

By Day 7

• What types of perspectives did your fellow classmates display in the artifacts they selected?
• How do the artifacts displayed together reveal ways of knowing, thinking, and expressing?
• What surprised you about the other artifacts that your classmates selected?
• Would your artifact be complimentary with another student artifact? If yes, describe why, if no, describe why not.
• Does your artifact reveal your perspective of who you are as a student and a learner?