Whether Canada (and/or Manitoba) should implement harsher penalties and/or criminal charges

Many worker advocates believe governments are not strict enough about issuing penalties to employers for health & safety infractions, particularly criminal code charges under s. 217.1 (added with C-45, the Westray Bill). Discuss whether Canada (and/or Manitoba) should implement harsher penalties and/or criminal charges for health & safety violations. Would that would help improve safety & health in Canadian workplaces, and why or why not? (Health & safety)
Under pressure from activist groups and unions, Ontario’s previous government created a requirement for employers to provide paid sick leave to workers (although the subsequent government reduced these in number and converted them back into unpaid leave). By exploring the benefits and drawbacks of requiring employers to provide paid sick leave to all workers, Provide Your opinion as to whether Manitoba should require paid sick leave as well. (Health & safety)
Good, secure workplace pensions seem increasingly out of reach for many Canadians, especially young workers. What could (and possibly should) be done to ensure all workers (especially young workers) can rely on some form of retirement income when they reach retirement age? (Pensions)
The federal government provides for 12 months of parental benefits through the Employment Insurance (El) system. They have also recently provided the option for workers to receive the same benefits over 18 months as an alternative. Some people believe the benefits provided are not equally accessible to all Canadian workers for a variety of reasons, and that the new 18-month option exacerbates this inequity. By reviewing and assessing these concerns, provide your opinion as to whether these concerns are valid or not, and why. (Social Insurance)
Many advocates believe Canada requires a universal child-care program, available and accessible to all parents. Exploring what such a program would mean in Canada for equity in the workplace and broader society, provide your opinion as to whether Canada should implement a universal child-care system. (Unwaged work)
Are ‘gig economy or ‘sharing economy companies (like Uber) a positive or negative development for workers? How and why? (Precarious workers)
Precarious workers face particularly difficult working conditions and are generally less protected at work. Numerous options exist to improve their position by governments, unions, employers, and/or precarious workers themselves. Discussing some of these options, provide your opinion as to what option or options would be most helpful at improving the rights of precarious workers. (Precarious workers)