Maternal-fetal benefits

Do the maternal-fetal benefits outweigh the risk associated with inteventional fertility treaments in the obese population? -What are the pros/benefits and cons/medical issues with IVF treatments in the obese population/women. Why should they be able to get IVF treatments despite their obesity/weight? Why should they not be able to use IVF treatments/medical interventions. Do the risk out weigh the benefits? How is this harmful to the mother/fetus/newborn? Who all is affected by this, mother,father,baby, medical staff? 1-References need to be scholarly articles/journals not older than 5 years. Include the articles/journals with paper. 2-Ethical dilemma is stated in the form of a question. 3-The dilemma is described accurately and in detail, with sufficient discussion to support or negate each side of the issue(include statistics as needed) 4-The bio-ethical principles/theories related to the issue are fully discussed. 5-Identify all persons involved in the dilemma and discuss how each is affected (e.g, parents, fetus/newborn, medical staff, others). 6-Identify multiple alternatives(choices). Discuss your rationals for each of the alternatives related to this dilemma. 7-Identify expected outcomes to each of the alternatives discussed. 8-Discuss how the ethical issue can affect nursing as a whole. 9-Describe how the issue relates to your personal ethical philosophies(beliefs) 10-Information is presented formally, in an unbiased, unemotional, and objective manner.