Carbohydrates & Lipids


Answer the questions below:

a). List the major classes of carbohydrates described in the textbook
b). List two (2) food sources of each class of carbohydrate
c). List three (3) alternative sources of dietary sugar.
d). What is the normal range for blood sugar levels for human?
e). What is a glycosidic bond?
f). Which carbohydrate does not occur in nature?
g). List one (1) bi-product of the synthesis of carbohydrates
h). What is the process of carbohydrates production in plants called?
i). What is glycogen and where is it produced and stored in the human body?
j). What is the dietary recommendation for carbohydrate to prevent ketosis?


a). List five (5) major classes of lipids
b). What are the major elements found in most lipids?
c). What are saturated and unsaturated lipids. List one (1) example of each saturated and unsaturated lipid.
d). What is the difference between a fat and an oil?
Define the following:
a). Monounsaturated fat
b). Cis fatty acid
c). Trans fatty acid
List three (3) functions of lipid in the body
Describe the structure of a triglyceride
How many kilocalories of energy are stored in one (1) gram of fat/oil?
List two (2) examples of monounsaturated oils.