Accounting Book Summary


Write a 1,500 word paper. You can earn as many as THREE (3) extra credit “PERCENTAGE POINTS” for this assignment. A “PERCENTAGE POINT” relates to your grade at the end of the quarter. Three “PERCENTAGE POINTS” would increase your final course score from an 89% to a 92%, for instance.
Extra Credit Paper
Read the book “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt and write a paper. See book at:

The book is a novel which illustrates management accounting concepts including the Theory of Constraints (bottlenecks). This is a pretty fun book and good read for an accounting story.

Write a 1,500 word paper discussing the book. The paper should discuss what you learned about management accounting from the book. Also discuss your opinions about the book and the concepts presented in the book.

Remember that I am interested in your thought process and writing efforts…not in your ability to copy and paste from the web. Copying material from the web should only be done in very limited instances…AND only with proper attribution (footnotes). Copying from the web or any other source without proper attribution is plagiarism and considered cheating. The paper should be typewritten.