Defining voir dire as a paralegal and office manager for a law firm

You are working as a paralegal and office manager for a law firm that has three attorneys and no other support staff. The law office is located 10 miles from the Courthouse, which does contain a fully equipped state law library. In addition, the office itself has a small law library containing statutes and state Supreme Court Cases. Most of the books contained in the firm’s library are out-of-date as they do not contain current pocket parts. There are no Legal Dictionaries, Restatements, Digests or ability to Shepardize sources in the firm’s small law library.
So far you have been unsuccessful in convincing the attorneys to purchase the online subscriptions. You are asked by the supervising attorney to cite check an appellate brief written by another attorney in the law firm. You find that many of the cases have inaccurate citations with page numbers and volume numbers transposed. In addition, you determine that some of the cases cited in the brief have been overruled.
How would you handle this situation?
How can you Shepardize the cases researched for the firm using just its Law Library?
What are the elements of discovery? Why are they important?
Please define, in your own words, voir dire.
What are the elements of presenting a case in chief?.