Current U.N. peacekeeping doctrine and its historical evolution

In the last post, you looked at current U.N. peacekeeping doctrine and considered its historical evolution. In this post, you will apply this to specific cases of U.N. peacekeeping. You will consider the extent to which these acts of peacekeeping conform to the pre-Cold War era, as opposed to the post-Cold War.

To complete this post, follow these steps in order.

It is strongly recommended that you complete this post after finishing the previous one.
First, drawing on Chapter 2 of Peace Operations or the list of peacekeeping operations in the appendix, select one peacekeeping operation from the Cold War era and one from the more recent period.
Please note that you may not use the same peacekeeping operation that you utilize in your Week Two Assignment.

Sketch a 100-word summary of the timeline of each peacekeeping operation. Please note that you may need to conduct additional research into this topic by using external sources as the textbook may not provide sufficient details for all of your cases.
For each operation, address the following questions in about 100 words:
To what extent do you see the “holy trinity” of peacekeeping utilized in this peacekeeping operation?
To what extent does this peacekeeping operation reflect the pattern of peacekeeping in the Cold War era?
To what extent does it reflect the pattern of peacekeeping in the post-Cold War era?