Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Executive Summary on the below

Write an executive summary for CONHI Health’s Executive Director.Submit the summary to her prior to a meeting in which you will discuss it in order to make decisions about upcoming initiatives, policy changes, communication strategies, or other areas of CONHI Health’s directives.

The executive summary should be approximately 10-15% in length of the original and single-spaced. The summary should be well-organized in sections to aid readability. Remember to summarize, paraphrase, and highlight the important parts of the MMWR issue.

Executive summaries are important parts of reports, business plans, and many other types of business-related genres. As the name implies, they are summaries of longer documents for an executive or administrative audience who need to know the important points but who will leave the details to other members of the organization.

In this case, the purpose of creating the executive summary is to inform the Director about important issues that are relevant to the community CONHI Health serves so that she can make decisions to plan upcoming priorities. While you will summarize the entire report, your focus should be on those issues you consider to be most important for CONHI Health to be aware of and address.