Report for the owners and marketers of Fortnite/Fortnight.

Prepare a report for the owners and marketers of Fortnite/Fortnight.
Overview Within the 1st few weeks of the Marketing Principles and Practice course – Chapter 1 and 4(part) – we established the scope of marketing within the PESTLE framework; that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should now be considered an integral element of all marketing activity, and that the accepted definitions of marketing we discussed needed to reflect this, in line with the era now referred to as the Societal Marketing Period – begun in the 1980s. A key objective of marketing, therefore, is to satisfy consumers with minimal harm. Task: Prepare a report for the owners and marketers of Fortnite/Fortnight. Report title: Discuss and recommend how and why the creators and marketers of the new online game Fortnight/ Fortnite should and could address and incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into this service. Word count & Weighting: 1600 words, +/- 10%) This task is weighted at 40% of the overall module mark and replaces the original presentation assignment as set in semester 1. Available marks Students who are offered a deferral (sit) can earn full marks Students who are offered a referral (resit) can only earn a maximum of 40marks. Guidelines Start your research with the articles below. Draw on examples of other organisations (not limited to online games) and conclude your report with a succinct set of recommendations that flow from your research and main body discussions. Make a direct connection to topics and models covered in the course textbook such as PESTLE, STP, the marketing mix, consumer behaviour and marketing communications as well as the outcome of your own extensive research. Stay within the limited word count. Remember to include your completed cover sheet. Layout As this is a report you are expected to use headings and subheadings – include a brief introduction and conclusion, justified and academically supported discussion, and relevant images, charts, statistics and tables too. All of this forms part of the main report. Appendices should be used sparingly, if at all. Pay attention to the layout of your finished work. Include page numbers. Justify blocks of text. Struggling with how to create a report? Try this link Proofreading Proofread, by reading aloud, as you proceed AND at the end to make sure you have stayed on track and that you have not missed any errors or omissions such as spelling errors and in-text references. Harvard referencing Strictly apply the Harvard referencing guide throughout. Please be especially careful to include all original sources as ‘in-text citation’ references within the report as well as in your bibliography.