Assess, Diagnose & Treat – Addiction


Discussion Prompt 2: Assess, Diagnose & Treat – Addiction
Choose one of the case scenarios presented in your assigned reading and respond as if you are a clinical counselor or therapist who is a part of the treatment team for the individual within the scenario.

In your initial discussion prompt post, describe any significant considerations for treatment that you extrapolate from the case scenario. How will the helping relationship with this specific individual be different from others? Are there any cultural considerations of which you should be mindful? What social factors will affect your interaction and treatment of the individual?

Next, discuss how you would assess, diagnose and provide treatment for the individual in the scenario. You may need to briefly research assessment tools and/or evidence based treatment options for the individual’s unique situation.

Your initial discussion prompt post should include at least 150 words.

Engage in a follow-up discussion with your fellow learners as if you are a part of a peer consultation group. Post follow-up responses that consider the following questions: What considerations (cultural, ethical, social, etc.) might have been missed initially? Do you think the presented means of assessment and treatment are best for the individual in the scenario? Ask any questions necessary to clarify the original post.

Be sure to post responses to at least two classmates on two additional days and pose questions for discussion. Your response posts should each be at least 100 words in length.

Assignment Instructions
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Grading Criteria
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