Etiological, Historical, Intervention Paper on Substance Abuse

Etiology of Substance Abuse (Part I about 2 pages): Describe the etiology (i.e., causes of) substance abuse among humans. Papers must draw on a wide variety of the readings from the book and those provided via Blackboard to provide a cohesive, integrative perspective on substance abuse. Minimally, papers should address the following questions:
• What is the problem? (More than one perspective should be used to describe it.)
• What causes the problem, or why does it exist? (Multiple causes should be considered
– it is a complicated problem!)
• How does the problem develop?

Analysis of Historical Approaches to Reducing Substance Abuse (Part II – about 2 pages). Critically evaluate historical approaches to reducing substance use. Bring the course content to bear on your evaluation of past interventions, policies, etc.
• What approaches to reducing problem substance use have been tried in the past?
• To what extent have these approaches succeeded? Provide evidence from the readings.
• To what extent have they failed? Evidence.
• What accounts for any successes or lack thereof?

Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse (Part III – about 2 pages). Based on your description of the etiology and course of the problem, along with your description of the shortcomings of past efforts, describe a comprehensive approach reducing substance abuse. A comprehensive approach must include components designed to prevent and treat substance abuse at the individual level and family level, while also intervening on it at the societal level through public policies. Minimally, papers should address the following questions:
• At what levels can the problem be prevented and treated?
• What interventions can be employed at each level?
• How does the overall approach described compare to historical approaches?