Moving Beyond the Pain of Loss, “missing what once was”

Moving Beyond the Pain of Loss
1. What is the title of the article?
Moving Beyond the Pain of Loss
2. List three main conclusions of the article.
I. The article concludes that loss is the state of “missing what once was”, which – in most cases – people tend to diminish, suppress, deny, and close down – thus avoiding to be vulnerable.
II. Suppression never works as it only builds cognitive cognitions in our brains of what we are running from. However, one needs to adopt psychological flexibility that allows one to open up and embrace the loss.
III. Using psychological flexibility entails five main steps being: acknowledging the loss, picturing self as a child, focusing on one’s own body, noticing one’s thoughts, and looking for the lesson in the pain.
3. Are the ideas presented in the article viable?
The ideas in the article are viable. Most people tend to suppress their loss, which in most cases never work. Psychological flexibility is eminent as it helps one to deal with the grief. The steps presented are practical and one can follow them even in the worst moment. Therefore, the ideas are viable.
4. How can the information in this article assist your psychological well-being?
Personally, I have had losses that have made me avoid enjoying life as much as I did because I fear experiencing the same loss. However, the information in this article has helped me see that opening up helps one grieve healthily and enjoy the rest of my life – which aids in my psychological well-being.