Ethics and Philosophy


address the following prompts:

Using the articles and videos from this week’s lesson, define the field of philosophy. Why is it difficult to do so? Why is Philosophy important? Define ethics. What are the elements of ethics? How does it relate to philosophy as a field?
Grading Criteria: An “A” submission for this assignment will have the following characteristics:

It will be a minimum of 1 page (around 350 words focus on the prompt, not word count), Times New Roman font, double-spaced.
It will thoroughly answer all parts of the prompts.
It will be well-organized (divided into proper paragraphs)
It will use good grammar, spelling, syntax, and mechanics. Any mistakes in these areas will be minimal
It will use original language and won’t plagiarize.


attached textbook doing ethics Moral Reasoning and Contemporary Issues Fourth Edition by
Lewis Vaughn