Chinese Historical Society of America Museum (in SF Chinatown)

After attending a historical Asian American site (Chinese Historical Society of America Museum (in SF Chinatown) )
, you must write a 4-5 pages, double-spaced, Critical Reflection on the experience. You must do the following:
Analyze, as best as you can, the history and community (demographics, such as gender, age, race, ethnicity), practices, beliefs, architecture, and location.
Engage with theories and concepts to assist in developing analysis (such as racial formation, Loewen’s argument about U.S. history education, or Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies as counter-narratives, and so on). Apply the concepts to the data you collected at Chinese Historical Society of America Museum. You visited a site: what does it reveal about Asian American history? What does the site tell you? What type of historical narrative is achieved or communicated at this site? What does it say about “history v. History”? Why does this site matter? Who does it matter for?
Do not just describe what you did and what you saw. You must provide analysis in your discussion and link your experience to larger issues, theories, and discussions. Your experience is “data” which you will use to anchor a thoughtful discussion on a topic that is related to Asian American history that meaningfully connects to the class