International Conflict and Crisis in Film and Documentary

Essay requirements

Write three 1,000-word papers, each concerning one or more of the movies we have studied or another film or films of your choosing involving international conflict or crisis. In your writing you should outline the context in which the film was produced and how it relates to the present day. Most importantly, your paper should provide analytical criticism of the film and/or the issues developed in the film, referencing noteworthy sources. Your work should also provide original analysis concerning the issues presented in the film, or the production, presentation and context of the film.

Grading will consider the following:

Organization: introduction, body, conclusion, flow
Clarity: communicative quality, vocabulary, sentence structure, readability
Logic: depth and complexity of analysis, conceptual communicating
Research: works cited and integrated into the paper
Originality: unique contribution to understanding of subject matter

Chicago Style referencing preferred with footnotes and bibliography.
12-14 point font Times New Roman 1.5 spacing.