Interviewing a middle age male who is of the same sex


Interview someone you define as in middle age male who is of the same sex as you and who you respect. Ideally, it is someone who models in one or more important ways the “midlife” lifestyle that you aspire to. The goal of this interview is to understand their current life experiences (including how they spend their time – work, family, leisure, what they value in their lives, who are the important people to them), their perspectives on what forces (personal, family, cultural, gender, unexpected life experiences) that have shaped who they are now, how they see themselves as having changed/stayed the same throughout adulthood, how their lives are consistent with and different from their early adulthood expectations and dreams and what do they see as the challenges and opportunities particular to this phase of their lives. Be prepared to present the implications of what you have learned about the individual for understanding the course of adult development. Think about how their developmental experiences are.