. Explain the purpose of resources in teaching and learning 

 First define resource, using at least 2 definitions
 Mention five purposes of using resources

II. Evaluate the effectiveness of specific resources in meeting individual learning needs in teaching and learning contexts
 Mention five resources e.g whiteboards, book, powerpoints etc.(Please use the same 5 named resources throughout the work
 Explain how good they are in delivery the needs of teaching

III. Analyse principles of resource design
 Eg are they cost effective, safe to use, fit for purpose, differentiation, is it relevant to the age of learners ( cognitive ability)

IV. Analyse how theories, principle and models of inclusive curriculum design can be used to inform resource development and ways in which resources can be adapted to enable inclusive approach
 Does the resources builds the confidence of the learners to have a good experience.
 Link it with Ralph Tyler the Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction (1949)
 Mention 5 resources that you will adapt to meet the different learner needs. E.g adapt font size, sit close to the resource, using pictures and different colours. Wheel chair access, etc.