Step 1: Study the following case study
Case Study
You are on a hospital committee charged with redesigning the unit including nursing stations and patient rooms. Suggestions were solicited from nurses to help in the redesign project. Your committee received the following proposals:
Proposal 1: Design the rooms with windows on the inside that open several inches to provide the patient with fresh air and sunshine.
Proposal 2: Include medication and supply cabinets in the room. Also bring computer charting to the bedside.
Proposal 3: Make the room feel more like a bedroom in a home with an area for patient families to sleep or relax.
Proposal 4: Apply feng shui to the room, making it a place that allows relaxation and positive energy.
Proposal 5: Use colors that encourage a relaxing environment, bringing nature into the room.
Your committee is considering each of the proposals in terms of the patient and nurse’s needs to optimize outcomes. Do not consider cost at this time.
Step 2: Research and answer the following questions
Select a nursing theorist and evaluate what their ideal patient room would look like. Choose a proposal that fits into their theory. Using research, explain why your theorist would select this proposal.
Which proposal would you vote for as part of the committee and why?
If you had complete creative control to design a patient room, what would your room look like?