Black Dog of Fate by Peter Balakian

What is New Historicism? How might it influence the way you read texts like Black Dog of Fate?
Do some research. What is the Armenian Genocide?
Read and respond to Black Dog of Fate:

I. Briefly summarize parts I, II, III, IV, & V.
II. What scenes, anecdotes, or pages specifically stood out to you, and why?
III. Choose 3 specific passages (at least one must be from Part V). Analyze them by discussing at least 3 of the following writing techniques: imagery, symbolism, setting, vivid details and description, plot, characterization, historical context, or any of the other techniques defined on our class document titled “Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature.” (You can find that document here:
IV. What was your reading experience like? What challenges or frustrations did you encounter? What questions do you still have?

V. What does this book mean to you now, & how did you arrive at that meaning? Add any other analysis/commentary you wish!

VI. How do you think this book does or does not fit into the category of “War Literature?